Importance of Switching to a Sustainable Lifestyle
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Sustainable Living | As consumers, we have much more power than we think. You could say that every day we vote with the purchases we make as if it were a political election. How? Voting may be something we do every few years, but buying is something we do every day. Every day we give our money to several companies, and that money sometimes benefits productive models that would make us think twice if we knew what kind of behaviors they practiced.

There is no point in raising awareness of phenomena such as climate change or global warming, if (as consumers) we support productive chains that show no respect for the ecosystems or natural resources used in the industry.

According to the official declaration of the United Nations from the 2002 Earth Summit:

“One of the main causes of further deterioration of the environment is the unsustainable modes of consumption and production, particularly in industrialized countries.”

How is the consumer responsible?

By combining the meaning of a responsible consumer, it could be defined as

(a) one who is aware of their consumption habits, and (b) one who chooses and demands from producers of goods and services, a greater positive impact on society and the environment. This way, according to the journal Ethical Consumer, the profile of the responsible consumer is determined by four factors:

  • Reducing consumption
  • Being more watchful
  • Consume products, goods and hire local services as well as second-hand products
  • Reuse, reduce and recycle

“Because consumers have much more power than we think, they know why leading a sustainable lifestyle is vital.”

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What are the benefits of sustainable lifestyle?

However, you may wonder what the practical benefits of leading a sustainable lifestyle are. Here are the 3 most important benefits:

  1. Happy and Healthy Environment

With good consumption practices we are helping to generate a lower impact on the environment. For example, by applying the three “R” rule (recycle, reduce and reuse) we protect the planet’s natural resources, which, let’s not forget, are limited. As we are reminded from the United Nations:

“If the world’s population were to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, it would take the equivalent of nearly three planets to provide the right natural resources to maintain the current lifestyle.”

  1. Generate social equality

By choosing products with the Fair Trade seal we are helping to build more equitable environments for those of us who inhabit the planet. The Fair Trade model is synonymous with a decent living, gender equality, absence of child labour, decent wages, education, access to safe water, among other social economy initiatives.

  1. Get economic savings sustainable lifestyle for savings

Consuming local products helps the economy of the area: A rupee spent on nearby products generates twice as much for the local economy. Besides, if nearby producers earn income from their work, they will continue to generate wealth and jobs in their community.

Using appliances efficiently, as well as taking care of our light and water consumption with small gestures such as closing the faucet when we are brushing our teeth, reusing rainwater to water our plants or unplugging the appliances

when not in use instead of leaving them on standby, will report again that will be reflected in our bills. From the United Nations

this data confirms to us:

“If everyone in the world used energy-efficient light bulbs, the world would save $120 billion a year.”

Remember that if we apply the principles and values of a sustainable lifestyle and responsible consumption and are aware of the impact we generate on the planet, we will be contributing to the protection of the environment and, at the same time, to a better quality of life for those who inhabit it.

Join us, it’s worth doing. Switch to a sustainable lifestyle today!

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