How To Care For Spanish Moss | 4 Tips for a Healthy Epiphytic Plant
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 What are Spanish Moss?

This plant has no relation to the moss family. In fact, Spanish Moss is a bromeliad. It is a tiny epiphyte that clings to itself as it dangles from tree limbs, gulping moisture from the air.

 How to care for Spanish Moss?

  1. They thrive in bright, indirect sunlight or fluorescent light spanish moss in light
  2. Always keep them in a well ventilated spanish moss thrive in ventilated areas area as they receive all of their nutrients from the air.
  3. Keep them moist spanish moss loves moisture as much as possible, so mist the plant whenever it is dry. Avoid misting if the plant is already damp, as too much moisture is not good for the plant either.
  4. The plant uses itself as fertilizer spanish moss fertilizer and does not typically need to be fertilized. 

 Healthy or not healthy?

Humidity is the key to a strong plant and there aren’t many pests that affect the plant because it has little nutritional value for them. Healthy leaves and plant will have a grey-green color!

EXPERT AIR PLANT CARE TIP: If the plant looks discolored or is growing poorly, spray it with a compost tea made with one part compost and one part water. Here is a video showing how to make your own compost tea

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